Friday, June 4, 2010

Install Follow and Subscribe widget in Blogger

Follow and Subscribe Widget Social Icons Tool

Install  icons of Social Networking and Bookmarking sites you use, like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Youtube and others. The benefit of this is to increase your followers on your respective networks, Install them by clicking on install button,  and get more visitors traffic from these sites.

 Install this follow and subscribe widget in blogger by following method:
  • Click on Change Links at the top of Install button.
  • A list of sites names and fields will be presented.

    • Insert URLs of your sites accounts in that fields, and click on Save.
    • You can edit them by clicking on Edit link button.
    • If you don't have account in some of them, you can remove it clicking on X button.
  • Now click on Install button >> Select a blog.
  • You can change the Title to what ever you want.
  • Finally click Add widget.


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