Friday, May 4, 2012

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Posts widget for Blogger

How to Install Random Posts Widget in Blogger

Install Random Posts widget to show random links of random posts and increase the chance of making the visitors stay longer time in your blog. This widget doesn't depend on the recent posts or the popular posts to displays links, its totally show post automatically in a random way.

Add Popular Posts widget in Blogger

Popular posts most commented widget

 Install Popular Post widget to Show your popular posts to your visitors,  this tool  show list of posts on the basis of  number of comments.

Hide or Remove Blogger Navigation Bar (Top Navbar)

Hiding Navbar (Top-Navigation Bar) - Allowed in Blogspot

Remove or hide the top default navigation bar from your blogger blog. Don't be afraid of that, its allowed in blogger, because there is nothing in Blogger Terms of Service that prevent you from doing that.
You can also read this answered question: Navbar and Blogger buttons.

Add Search bar in Blogger

Install Search Bar Widget in Blogspot & Blogger

Add search bar in your blogger blog to allow your reader to search within your blog by their own keywords.

Add Number Page Navigation widget in your Blogger

How to Install Numbered Page Navigation in Blogger
See Demo
Add number page navigation widget in your blog and Make it easier to navigate your blog with Page Numbering Tool. it will replace the older/newer post, and home links below posts with pages numbers. It will make your blog look better because people like to navigate in this way.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Subscribe to RSS Feed widget for Blogger

How to Install Subscribe This Site Widget for Blogger

Install this widget to let your readers subscribe to your blog's RSS feed by clicking on Subscribe buttons. this  widget will present more subscribtion options, when you pass your mouse over it. So it's useful for many bloggers, Your readers can Subscribe to your RSS feed  and get updates on Google, Bloglines, Yahoo, Netvibes, and Desktop Reader.