Saturday, June 5, 2010

Add Number Page Navigation widget in your Blogger

How to Install Numbered Page Navigation in Blogger
See Demo
Add number page navigation widget in your blog and Make it easier to navigate your blog with Page Numbering Tool. it will replace the older/newer post, and home links below posts with pages numbers. It will make your blog look better because people like to navigate in this way.

Add Number Page Navigation widget in your blog by following method:

First method:
  • Click on Install button above » Select a blog.
  • (Optional) You can edit the content and change the value of numshowpage, it mean the maximum numbers will appear between between the first and the last number.
  • Finally click Add widget, and drag & drop the widget below posts See Demo.


Admin said...

hi you button no install to my blogger

inasofia said...

i successfully installed it, but it doesn't work! why?

Tcelebrities Team said...

it's very nice thank you..........

Tcelebrities Team said...


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